Saturday, December 25, 2010

Mashael, A Saudi Arabia Pop Princess

I found out about Mashael, (a young singer from the gulf) about two years ago when she released her album. I did not really think much of it until I gave the album a listen. I was a fan the moment I heard her Ahda and Aghla Hob, I knew we have a winner and we have a first rate Gulf singer whose appeal is not limited to the mother region, and she can cross borders with her voice and soft and relaxed style of sining.

In so many ways Mashael is like the American phenomenal singer Taylor Swift, they are both young, they are both masters of break up songs, they are both charismatic, and both are good looking. Masgael is a Saudi, making her even a bigger star as it takes a lot of courage to be a female singer from that country, it's tough, but here comes Mashael. She can even do pop just like her peers in Egypt and Lebanon, hear her OK she has the voice for it.

But her best known sstyle is the Gulf style music, she covers it like no other female did in few years. I know there are many singers who can deliver a Gulf dialect song, but almost none of them is from that region. You have Ahlam form the UAE, Nawal from Kuwait, Arwa from Yemen, and now Mashael from Saudi Arabia. I am excited from Mashael's new album and I have a feeling it will be good. Here is the music video for Almasayeb, a hit song from the album.

مشاعل - المصايب | Mashael - Almasayeb


  1. i'm reasonably certain that she's lebanese, but she just performs in khaleeji style.

  2. Non Masuael est une pure Saoudienne de la région de Tabouk.
    Oui,elle n aurait pas pu faire ceci il y a 10 ans mais en 2013 l arabie connait une ouverture sans prcedent dans son style de societe.
    viens A Djeddah et tu verras beaucoup de Saoudiennes comme elles.
    d ailleur la Pop et le rock saoudien connaissent un grand essor comme en temoignent les diffusions sur KSA TV que tu peux voir sur internet.

    Inch allah