Saturday, December 18, 2010

More News on Yehya Saade

He is gone, a bit sooner than we would have thought, a bit shocking more than what we would have imagined...

A number of phone calls with people in Turkey at the time of the accident including the Lebanese starlet Maya Diab who recounts the story of the end

A bit more details about the tragic death...

All You Need to Know about the Yaheya Saade Tragic Passing

ربورتاج عن رحيل عملاق الاخراج يحي سعاده ولقطات لنجمتنا شذى مع المخرج الراحل

A really sad song that goes well at this time, the voice of Fahid Alqaseer expressed what many fail to do at this difficult time.

فهد القصير- يا شيالين التابوت / يحي سعادة


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