Monday, December 6, 2010

Ahmad Saad The King of Sorrow

I might hate the movie, but I definitely love this song

Ahmad Saad, the Egyptian singer with incredible voice is rightfully on high demand as most Egyptian filmmakers ask him to voice a song or two to serve as soundtracks and marketing tools for their feature film. I like the story of the song, and the voice of Ahamd serves the song well as no other Arab singer can take you to that sad place and make you feel comfortable there as much as Ahmad can do it.

The song is titled Kalami Intaha, "I finished what I had to say", it describes being choked and feeling helpless and trapped not being able to figure your next move in life. Ahamd saad did it before for Dokan Sha'hata, a hit movie of 2008 where Haifa Wahbe delivered her first onscreen role. Ahmad Saad also voice a song for the Dealer Ahmad Saqqa's movie of 2010 about the mafia underworld.

Now Ahamad Saad comes back with this song that is a masterpiece, in a sense the song is much move celebrated that the movie it's helping to promote. the movie is about a bachelor searching for love by doing drugs, drinking beer and schmoozing the ladies.

كليب احمد سعد كلامى انتهى من فيلم محترم الا ربع


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