Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Elissa Channel in Spanish

Elissa has thousands od dedicated fans in the Middle East and that is not new, she has been building this fan base since 2000 when she first emerged to the light. One of her best fans do not even live in the Middle East and do not speak Arabic.

For two years now I have been aware of Mareas012, a Youtube channel dedicated to everything Elissa, about one a month they would have some new slideshow, music video or some remix of Elissa's latest song. But this Spanish channel with English subtitle celebrating everything Elissa is now 3 years old. The channel does a great job adding subtiltes to Elissa's song, both in Spanish and English which allows adoring fans to make sense of those lyrics and music Elissa releases to the masses.

I say to whoever running this channel, remarkable job, they are really on top of things, and they have kept to their mission, be a one stop hub for all things Elissa. More than 355 Elissa music videos and slideshows speak volumes of the dedications and the heard work those fans have put in their channel to pour their heart in affection of their favorite singer. It has become a true international fan clubs for all those who appreciate the music, the looks and the style of this Lebanese diva.

Elissa Special 3er Anniversary YouTube Channel English Subtitles اليسا


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