Monday, December 13, 2010

Ehab Twfik is Back in the Market

Ehab Tawfik has not managed to release a hit song in a while, but he is not giving up already. He still gets concerts, he sings religion when in need, but he still largely sticking with his know style of upbeat style catchy dance music.

His latest music video is an assembly from his concert footage in Egypt where most of his fans still call it home. Sit Sittaha is an upbeat breakup song. Not the usual, she broke up with me, I am going to kill myself, a style Arab singers adore. It goes under the mantra of "There is a another fish in the sea" and that's just what the song about. Ehab tells he will find the one to woe him and make him forget about his ex love.

كليب ايهاب توفيق - ست ستها Ehab Tawfik Sit Sittaha


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