Monday, December 13, 2010

Najwa Karam is a Beggar, A Hot One

Neither Najwa Karam nor her style of music gets old. For the past 17 years now, every year Najwa Karam had had at least hit song or more. Not sure how she does it, but no other Arab singer had so many hits as much as Najwa Had. Amer Diab had hits too, but he does not release as many singles or albums as Najwa does.

Not sure what the secret is, but Najwa is loved by the masses in Egypt, in her home country Lebanon where she can do no wrong and just about every corner in Arabia or any corner Arabs chose to live in.

Her latest early this year was a bit patriotic but still hit it big Belrouh Bildam, the one two years ago was a bit bold where she is asking her loved to one to meet her at the dark. This year she is begging the love of her man from the Almighty. Very passionate and very revealing about an Arab women in love. This is the first non Rotana production for Najwa in a very long time as she might not be returning to that company as she stated, so Najwa went alone and financed the production of this music from her own pocket.

The music video plays like fairy tale and it's filmed to be one. It opens with spider web and Najwa dressed in a fancy dress caught in the web of her loved one, then we go to the concert hall where dazzling dancers back the singer up. Of course Najwa only gets younger and her taste of clothes and hair style still magical. Then there is the catwalk and fashion show set up. Where you can see Najwa Karam sort of auditioning in front of her man, hoping to win over his affection. Sure feminists might be offended, but what do they know about Najwa's world?

Najwa Karam - Lash7ad 7obbak نجوى كرم لشحد حبك


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