Sunday, December 5, 2010

Essam Karika Cairo Meltdown

Essam Karika, popular Egyptian singer that dresses like American rappers, and talks like a university professor but look like your average dry cleaner dude was back in Egypt to promote his new film Alkhattaf, "the kidnapper", a Moroccan production in which Essam stars alongside a number of Moroccan cast.. As part of promoting his movie during the Cairo film festival, Essam held a press conference where he got in an argument with a number of reporters who thought Alkhattaf is a lousy movie.

One reporter got on Essam's face about the poor production, the weak plot, and the bad acting his movie features. Members of the audience who saw the movie during the film festival mocked it as well and had nothing nice to say about it. I know many Arab reporters covering entertainment are jerks. But this story is different, As Essam did not know how to handle the critics and reporters, so instead he started insulting and mocking them. The story is reported by Elaph as Essam accused the reporter of having a black heart "أنت قلبك أسود من جوه"causing the moderator to try to take charge of the event, but then Essam got up and left the room but not before insulting everyone.

اعلان فيلم الخطاف - le clandistin

Not sure what really happened and whose fault it's, but if Mr. Karika cannot take the heat and criticism, he might want to consider another career. What Mr. Karika should have said instead, "It's my first movie," or "it's a new production team", or even "This is not the final product"...etc. there are many ways to handle critics.

I like Essam and I think has many fans, that's why I am reminding people of a happier time when Essam gave us some catchy and hip songs.....Shankoty!

Essam karika - Shankoty / عصام كاريكا - شنكوتى


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