Monday, December 13, 2010

Meet Tamer's Little Helper

Tamer Hosny, the playboy of Arabia does not like to share the stage with any really stars, he refuses to play second to none so he is always in the lookout for someone new to bring them out of obscurity and use them as a prop. 3alia2 or 'Aliaa a girl from Egypt that was a friend with tamer and his family so she gets to be in one of his songs. and by the way she does share the same last name as Tamer, she is also a there goes your nepotism.

In all honest, it's a nice song, the lyrics are wonderful and make a lot of sense, easy to rememberer and speak of emotions and excitement of the first week of a relationship. This was filmed during Tamer's concert in Marina, a popular venue for concert goers where you can accommodate scores of screaming fans.

I love the stage, the lights, the giant screens and special affects, I think the flying stage is cheesy, and I do not like Tamer making this song into a lover boy/stalker anthem.....where he is telling the girl I love you what can you do for me? As she sings as if she was 14 years old. nothing about the complication and delicacy of a love's like we are both in high school, let's write a love dove song.

تامر حسني وعلياء - يوم ورا يوم "حفلة مارينا 2010"


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