Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tamer is Hot for You & Wants to Sell You Some Shades

Here we go again,

the smartest Arab singer is Tamer Hosny and he knows you love him, so he loves you back every step of the way. He is there with every breath you take, he has written a song for every occasion you can think of. If you to love, he will give you scores of those songs; if you want to break up, he has a dozen of those songs; want to cheat, you bet he wrote you songs; want to flirty "Harass" college girls, sure you got it; want to love Egypt, Palestine? He has a few of those song ready for you. Even if you want to quit music he has written a song for that. Want to become zealot, he has written religious themed songs.

Tamer does something right, every appearance, every interview he gives he makes money from it, he markets his images, pictures, talks, songs any of that he will be able to make money from. If he receives an award, he makes sure to get the footage of the event as he walks out the door. Then those material will air on one of his affiliate TV networks and score rating. You cannot hate that, you should not. He is the marketing guy the Middle East needs, and he is the voice that many young appreciate and some even worship.

His latest music video

كليب تامر حسنى - اول يوم جامد جدااا 2011

On another note, Tamer Hosny ups his game in marketing and product endorsement as his latest ad for Police sunglasses just got released and you can see the young star showcase his latest collection of awesome sunglasses worn before him by a large score of celebrities.

الأعلان الرسمى لتامر حسنى الجديد - نظارات بوليس


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