Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Diana Karazon Marches on

Diana Karazon had one hell of a year, two albums; three music videos; a soap opera; and a dozen of interviews and concerts. But all this pales compares to her fallout with her former producer Almajaly who sued her, and won. He even got an arrest warrant against her and her property.

The public spat between the two was too much fun for the gossip hungry Arab media who love a good meltdown and that's what the feud gave them, some material to talk about. But Diana who went into hiding, went back to Jordan and faced the music. She singed some out of court settlement with the producer and made nice with him. She is now back and Rotana has an interview with her asking her about her latest and her new projects.

From watching this interview, you see that Diana Karazon is doing the right thing by asking the journalist to cut her a break as she was busy with family issues and had to not answer her cell. She promised to have a dinner for those journalists her and only her and them will get to be there and dine and wine and get to hear about her latest.

ديانا كرزون ولقاء جديد من اخبار روتانا 6-12-2010


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