Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sandy Covers Barawa Well

Arab pop singers have always tried to do cover for the classics of Arabia music in an effort to beef up their resume and tell you, "I got what it takes..." Some pop singers succeeded and their covers of classics, other flop. Nancy Ajram three years ago surprised everyone with her take on a number of classics of Abdel Halim, and Oum Kalthoum in her Awel Marah album. Those who failed in their attempt to showcase their voice and their skills in covering the songs that everyone memorizes know themselves.

Few years ago I got an opportunity to get to hear Sandy's voice take on Barawa, the popular song by Najat Al Sageirah from one of her movies, "Watch here" I was pleased with the cover and I think those who know the song will be comfortable with this Sandy cover of this classic. I am talking about your parents, they know this song by heart.

For Sandy, the new comer to perform this song live tells of her late and mostly successful attempts to break into the serious singing business, and not just be a pop princess that will be forgotten.

Sandy Egyptian Singer ~ Barawa Live (Najat) Hassal Kheir & Eyak


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