Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Give Myriam Fares A Pole Already

Mariam Fares, Myriam Faris is one of a kind. Not only can she dazzle with her voice and pop songs that more often than not make the top ten lists and get played over and over on radio stations. Her music videos get the same treatment, as people love to watch them especially when she moves in dance moves. To her credit she never repeats herself, each music video she appears on is well directed and often big budgeted

Her career is full of music videos where she danced her way to you...for real she is a good dancer and she often mentions that in her interviews, "Not only can I sing, but I can dance" Many Arab female pop stars just stand there and move around the camera and shake their hands in the air...not Myriam she does dance and often she comes up with her routines. She is unafraid and dare I say bold in her approach to dance!

Here is a music video I unearthed for her, it has the steamiest dance moves ever seen by Mariam, and she did them on public TV. The only thing was missing is a pole...like the ones one finds in gentlemen clubs. But you know what in the age of globalization, we need more stars who can dance, and more whom we can point to and say...this girl knows how to move.

ميريام فارس رقص ساخن Myriam Faris Shakes it All


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