Sunday, December 19, 2010

Got Religion? Samer Abdel Shafi Got Plenty

Samer Abdel Shafi is not a household name, but he seems to be headed there. While many Arab singers are busy figuring out ways to show more skins in their music videos, and others attempt to use sleazier lyrics to get attention in a crowded music scene. Samer took a different route. That in itself might be a good marketing strategy to get people to listen to your music.

Traditionally, religious themed songs has been performed by older and less attractive singers, not this one. Ma Toboseesh translates to "do not look", and it's a song to celebrate marriage and love the kind where one lover is completely dedicated to his lover. No distraction, no jealousy, no wandering eye...just you and your significant other married of course.

The opening scene for the song is a restaurant lounge where a bunch of healthy looking young men staring at something (a woman) and they all show admiration and appreciation of they they are leering at. Then comes Samer Abdel Shafi who decides to fight the temptations and not leer. Instead he talks about wanting to be loyal to his future wife with the help of Allah as he will be fending off the devil.

متبصيش - سامر عبدالشافي Samer Abdel Shafi Ma Toboseesh


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