Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Menna Fidaly Got Hitched

Menna Fidaly, the Egyptian young actress just got hitched to some musician dude. This usually won't be headlines but it is so for one simple reason. This dude is Adel Haqi, he is known for his musicals arrangement.

Menna Fidaly had a birthday two months ago, at this birthday party some took pictures of the young and unassuming actress. Needless to say those pictures wore of her dancing and wearing what some considers racy outfits. Since there were dozens of celebrities at that birthday bash, people talked.

Since this is still the Middle East those pictures were aired and people were calling it a scandal, some celebrities and soccer players attending distant themselves from the young actress, some even insulted her. Poor girl the guys danced at her party and when it became news all acted like she was a slut and they were on higher moral grounds...not so classy.

See the entire engagement party, interviews with celebrities, see the starlet dance and some bands sing and enjoy this happy occasion.

حفل خطوبة منة فضالى (كامل)


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