Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Assi Hallani Sings And Talks Politics

The Lebanese hit-maker and celebrity Assia Hallani appeared in a packed Lebanon concert, and fired up the thousands of audience attending his concert. He gave interviews, sounded by two mean looking bodyguards. This was a small town concert that brought the masses, the singer danced and moved on stage he came loaded with energy and charm.

As a concert it went very well and the Lebanese did what they do best--dance their tails off. Then came the speech and interview where he called for unity among his people and forgetting about the divisions and differences along faith or political lines...we are all Lebanese. Assi is a very proud Lebanese, and then he is a very proud and vocal Arab. As for his music, he has an album soon to be released....he delayed its release due to the car bombs and victims at home.

He is still a beef cake who does not dress his age, but makes wonderful live music at his concerts.

عاصي الحلاني : لننبذ الفتنة والتشرذم


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