Saturday, September 27, 2014

Crazy Tourist Dancing At Vintage Egyptian Concert

There's that dilemma where Arab (even world) artists want to look cool, sexy and life-loving, but they are also aware not to push the envelop or do something indecent at least in public. But there was once this concert in the late eighties in some Egyptian venue where then young and charming singer Medhat Saleh had a concert. He was the cool pop kid then, and I remember him being the big name all around.

And then out of nowhere in the large stadium some tourist lady shows up, kiss the singer, and he parties with her on stage. Maybe she is a student of Arabic who had too much to drink or no care in the world. So, the entertainer welcomes her and asked her to dance on the stage. Minutes later another Arab ladies takes the stage and does her thing...guys win and I have no idea how to make this stop.

I did not appreciate the artists pretending to shower ladies with money as if they were some cheap bimbos. The interesting this this took place so many years ago, and the song is not even the best dance song.

مدحت صالح كليب شبكوا ايديكم (حفله نادره )


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