Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Rotana, iTunes, and Shatha Hassoun #Walhana 2014 Album @ShathaHassoun

The Iraqi queen of pop and beloved pan Arab songstress Shatha Hassoun is preparing to launch her new album. But before she does it, fans are encouraged to purchase her album here and the album will be ready for you, once officially released. The Rotana album is available for purchase on iTunes in a preorder to drum up sales and get the fans ready for a good album.

Shatha Hassoun is a savvy hit-maker who sang in more dialects than most Arab stars can, she is also a good dancer, actress and a wholesome entertainer whose songs are pretty much anything she choose them to be.  I like her music, she knows how to pick the right songs and every now and then she does something different that either hits or misses. Consistent she is. Think about this, in Iraqi she is home, but also in Morocco--where her mother hails from. In Dubai she works and thrives, and in Lebanon she works and spends plenty of time. So in general she is a bridge.

 In other news Rotana just released her latest music video which feels a bit gypsy to me but then again, the song is targeting the Gulf demographic who enjoys a different taste in music and in makeup.
Shatha Hassoun ... Ibin El lazina - Video Clip | شذى حسون ... إبن اللذينا - فيديو كليب

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