Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ahlam From @ArabIdol Insults Reporters and Journalists--They Left In Protest

MBC had a terrible idea, have a press conference with the judges of Arab Idol....but no one told them to stick to their memos and not to get distracted in side battles. Especially the UAE diva Ahlam who sits on the panel of judges and claims to have a special status with the MBC network that produces the show.

so things went south when she started insulting the reporters in the room, and calling them names. She also denied that she knew a songstress from Kuwait with the name Shams--she has been feuding with her and her fans. She called Shams a dancer....C'mon a court ruled against tone of your fans for defamation against Shams.

Ahlam is a strong woman who speaks her mind for sure....but you really do not earn any fans by insulting the fans. Wael stuck to the message....and Hassan stayed out of it.... Nancy was sitting in awkward silence. Ahlam does need to work on her tact...Arab Idol is not the same without Ragheb--he made the show. This became an Ahlam conference not the MBC presser. She bacame the headlines not the show.

She called the reporters not asking the right questions...she insulted them once again....they protested her combative style. Commotion started in the room and about half the room left once she spoke to them. The press did not appreciate it....Ahlam is sinking the program integrity for sure. She kept digging herself deeper and deeper and no one dared to stop her....she wanted a question that she liked.

انسحاب عدد من الإعلاميين إثر مشادة مع أحلام من مؤتمر Arab Idol


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