Friday, September 12, 2014

WATCH: وليد شريف – يا زلمي – "Waleed Shrif – "Ya Zalami

"Ya Zalami" is something you hear Arab men and women saying to one another, it literary means "dude" "Oh Man" and such but it's a cool way to get folks' attention and to claim to have something worthy to say. Now, there's a Lebanese pop song with a catchy tune, one can shake things up with this track.

Thanks to the young and glasses wearing Walid Sherif. This is a nice party song for those who like to get happy feet and dance their way to a Dabke ring! This is a funny line with a number of random and bizarre elements put in a blender to make this video that goes with the song. I know this song will make a lot of older men feel young again.

Walid Shreif - Ya Zalamy 2013 / وليد شريف - يا زلمي


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