Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Good Girl of Lebanese Pop Strikes Beautifully Yara - Ayech Bi Oyouni


Money in the bank is the same thing as Yara. The warmest young and vibrant Lebanese talent can be found dodging paparazzi in her latest music video. See her full of life, fashion, style and grace. The idea is cute and she found her comfort spot once again. Yara lost her pop mojo few years ago, now she returns after her Gulf sabbatical. Where have you gone Yara? But it was worth the wait as her dazzling return comes with fireworks. The new song was an instant favorite of mine, the music video allows it to be the Yara classic it deserves to be.

Needless to say the team behind the song deserves a big credit for the way it came out.

I love the music in her latest single.....and her many stylish looks. I like the bit here she fools the nosy paparazzi. This track is a bit Fayrouz like, and it works well for Yara. She is promising a new solid album. Jad Shwery directed her this once and I think the black and white added a bit of class and vintage depth. I like this Jad, he has shown so much personal development and change of style that sets him to be one of the hardest and most authentic videographers inside Lebanon. And we get a dog, home cooking, shopping, and a guy in a bathtub. I know some will appreciate the elegant shiny ride.

Still Yara is the talent here and Jad highlighted the playful side of her that we only saw once more than six years ago. She was always good at singing, now Jad made her accessible with a sense of humor. So Jad did it again, and Yara got to look like never before.

Yara - Ayech Bi Oyouni (Official Music Video) / يارا - عايش بعيوني


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