Friday, September 5, 2014

Shomali Group Productions presents, Haitham Shomali in, “Gaza Not Forgotten.”

Yesterday, September 2, 2014, it was released, with the title, “Gaza Operatta,” translation, “Operate Gaza.”   Seven very talented Palestinian artists stood together and created a masterpiece that is surely to move anyone that listens to it.  From the time of its inception, to completion, Haitham Shomali,   Ammar Hassan, Mohamad Assaf,  Lian Bazlamit, Toni Qatan,  Sabreen Kamal and Mohamed Ayyad,  were able to complete the song and its clip even while some of them were countries, even oceans, apart.  To many it may have seemed nearly impossible to successfully bring together a group with different styles and locations and meld them fluidly, however, in watching the video you can see how the group performed with ease to show their love for their country and countrymen.   

Gaza Operatta, started with an idea by the veteran of the group and of the hit show Superstar 2, the Arabic version of what is American Idol, Ammar Hassan and poet Mohammad Ayyad.  Their idea was to create a song together with other Palestinian artists just for people of Gaza and lives lost.  Gaza’s people have been the target of many assaults over the years and this one was one of the bloodiest as they just faced a 7 week bombardment where 2,100 people lost their lives, many of them innocent men, women and children.    Hassan pitched the song idea to his close friend, fellow talented artist, Haitham Shomali.   Haitham loved the idea and offered his whole hearted participation and 30 days later, it was created.

When Haitham was asked what he felt the group hoped to achieve through this endeavor,   he said, he believed their desire was to bring “awareness to the suffering Gaza has continuously had to face, to praise the people for their strength through it all and also to present them with this gift of unisons and solidarity for their people that they may know they are there in sprit if not in flesh. “  You can view the link to the song here: or at his youtube channel: .

The news is that Haitham is not stopping there; he is taking his stance for his Country of Palestine and those in Gaza to the next level as he dedicates his first US tour to his people, which he has titled, Shomali Group Productions presents, “Gaza Not Forgotten.”  Shomali Group Productions was created by Haitham who is educated in film and music production.  It is a full service audio and video production company capable of crafting, producing and directing any artist’s audio and video product. 

Haitham and his team, have arranged to, stop in four cities in US and donate proceeds to up to two humanitarian organization dedicated to rebuilding hospitals in Palestine and in also providing food and clothing for the people of Gaza.   The dates and times are as follows:  October, 11 at the Ritz Charles, Indianapolis, IN, October 24th in Chicago, IL at Al Hambra Palace., November 8th, Miami Fl and November 22, Detroit, MI at the Andiamo Restaurant, Warren, and dinner will be served.    For more information regarding buying sponsorship spots for this tour, or for early bird ticket sales you may reach out to
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Gaza Operetta اوبريت غزة


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