Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Shaabi Music Is Not The Same Without Ahmed Adaweyah

This 1975 by the king of Sha'abi music is still a crowd favorite. Ahmed Adaweyah is the guy who did fun and popular songs was not always a hit. Ahmed was attacked so many times by his contemporary, they accused him of ruining public taste. But forty years later, they are celebrating him and giving him award.

Now his songs get recorded, remixed, and A list artists seek him for duets. Check out this very local song with him singing wearing a Jalabya. Yes, it;s very random, but this is Ahmed Adaweyah classic remains relevant 39 years later. It's a wedding song inside a movie. Same thing is happing with other artists who are trying to use the same formula.

But Ahmed Adaweyah did it with class and charm, he almost never came across as a sleazy bag. He is now still alive and well, he sings and he is the father of a popular hip young singer. Started his career as a waiter, only to being singing in 1971....slowly he took over that genre and owned it.  
أحمد عدوية - ما بلاش اللون ده معانا


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