Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Coke Studio Continues To Do Fresh. Asala And Kool & the Gang

This time they paired Asala with Kool and the Gang. They did a beautiful fusion and they artists get along well. For those who do not know Kool and the Gang, they are are an American jazz, R&B, soul, funk and disco group, originally formed in 1964 as the Jazziacs based in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Asala is a mighty Syria diva with a strong voice, sharp personality and a versatile style that travels well. They were coupled by the executives at the soft drink company. I like this collaboration where Eastern melodies meet Western beat and the product is pretty cool and exciting.

She's Fresh أكتر -- Asala &; Kool & the Gang - أصالة وكول آند ذا غانغ -- Coke Studio بالعربي S03E01


  1. I wish it was a live one-shot as opposed to this because I would have enjoyed this so much more if chemistry was there...