Friday, September 26, 2014

Indie Vocalist Hiba Tawaji Wants To Remove Your Hair @hibatawaji

When Hiba is not blowing her fans away with her octane voice, piano playing, theater performance...she is now doing something else with her time. The brainy vocalist and dreamy indie artist goes mainstream this once as she gets in the product endorsement and commercial venture business. Someone has to pay the bills as theater season and conscientious does not exactly inspire concerts and parties.

I guess she chose to sell woman product for ladies, a hair removal product that leaves your skin looking good. I know hair removal is a big business in the female population. Many Arab women go the honey sweet waxy Hiba wants them to try something else. These are classy ads, and I think Hiba is doing herself a favor endorsing something she seems to like. As the ad says, 9 out of ten women prefer that product she is promoting.

Veet - Hiba Tawaji

Veet Pure - Hiba Tawaji


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