Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ghady Brings Out The Party in Beirut With His Dance Single

Here's a guy whose fans have been asking about him. Ghady returns with a song, and we are like welcome back bro! His song is about a pretty lady who's one of a kind. This is a happy romance track with so much positive vibe. The song is about an epic love and by a guy who likes to have fun.

The lyrics might be a bit like a high school love story, but they fit the size of talent and music. Ghady was taking part of a music festival in Beirut and chose the time to release his new single. The track landed well with the fans and showed for once, Ghady is a durable name in entertainment and party songs.

غدي لا بالسند ولا بالهند / Ghady - la bel send wla bel hend


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