Friday, September 5, 2014

Aida El-Ayoubi Returns With Style and Fruits Via Juhayna

Aida El-Ayoubi pious and much appreciated return to pop music in 2011 was one of the most celebrated returns in my generation. Aida who had many indie songs about love and the motherland existed the scene and devoted herself to her life and her family. She also wore the head cover. She kept both--the music and lifestyle she wants.

Her music is now more about becoming a better person, living life to the fullest. Aida sings in such a way to inspire people to do good by being good. I love having her sing all over again about life. Chase the rainbow, read, do what you like. She does it dream big and let it all unleash. I do not get the fruit part, but until the last second...a dairy company in Egypt--the biggest is using this song to push a new product.    

افتح نفسك للحياة - اداء عايدة الايوبى


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