Monday, September 15, 2014

Adham Nabulsi Is Here To Stay (And Entertain)

Adham Nabulsi is a rock star. Since he first appeared on the X Factor program and the judges seemed to like him, and that mystery element he has. The guy is naturally good looking guy in manly way. He has a sweet smile and dreamy eyes. And slowly he is becoming a public persona among the music circles. Jordan needs these kind of talents. He hails from there with a Palestinian heritage.

Here's his second single, it's an upbeat romantic song with a shot of energy. I like the charm offensive. I like this single more than his first one. He sounds like everything you appreciate about Lebanese crooners.

Adham Nabulsi - La Ba3d Khle2na / أدهم نابلسي - لبعض خلقنا