Friday, September 26, 2014

Somethings Go Well Together! Shoaib ft. Asfalt - Shetan @Asfaltmusic @Axeerstudio

Axeer Studio of Egypt continues to sponsor so many of Egypt's underground indie music scene. The studio produces roughly a song every two months and the stuff they produce is pretty heavy on messaging and positive social observations. They have also done plenty of political stuff. this once they teamed Shoaib (an indie Arab artist who has gone solo since 2012, he is a composer and producer) and Asfalt (Asfalt, an Egyptian hip-hop duo, consists of rappers Ibrahim Farouk and Mohamed Gad. Through their music, Asfalt takes on a variety of social, political, and cultural issues. The) for a song about the devil.

This is a rap song with soul. The track is about the devil each of us have within us. Sure, philosophical some may see it. But the music heals your heart and cures your soul if the message would not get to you. It's a grownup song that only a mind that thinks and operates would appreciate it. It's not for those who want empty stuff, but people who want to reflect.  

@Axeerstudio | Shoaib ft. Asfalt - Shetan | شعيب و أسفلت - شيطان


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