Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Sweetest Romantic Song From Saudi Arabia. (audio)

He is the godfather of Saudi music, before he was a singer he is composer and now he is a legend. Meet Abdel Rab Idris, the elder of all great things by the way of Saudi Arabia. But before Saudi Arabia claimed him he was born in Yemen. He is father is from Somalia, and young Idris went to school in Cairo where he got his  PhD in music in 1988, but before that he also used to teach music in Kuwait. Therefore he is like the music version of the Arab League.

He wrote music for Saudi legend Mohammad Abdu, Moroccan diva Samira Said, Lebanese Magida Al Roumi, Lebanes Nancy Ajram, Kuwaiti Abdel Karim Abdl Qadir, Egyptain Amal Maher, and scores of artists in the Gulf.

As for his own songs, he has more than a dozen of albums that went to on to sell records. Among all his songs, the better known song is Leila....or Night, a song about a night of love and romance that made the man feel like all his life he or she was waiting for this night. His compositions work great with poems and really long songs.

عبد الرب إدريس - ليله لو باقي ليله (جلسة)


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