Thursday, September 4, 2014

The First (And Best) Arabic Pop Star Remains Ragheb Alama (Video)

Ragheb Alama is a statesman, but in the heart of his heart he is a rock star. The eighties pop star has not stopped making hits ever since we memorized his name generations ago. Here is his latest track and musiv vidoe that comes as he releases a new music video just now. It seems that Ragheb is getting help from his son and his friends who seem at some dorm pool party.

Ragheb Alama is an old dog who continues to learn new tricks and make news. This one he gets product endorsement from H & M. This is a good track, and it has high points and even higher points. Ragheb Alama made it for the young and young in heart and he is again making waves in the pop world. He even gets Shake Shake hamburgers and merchandise, and how about Pinkparry frozen yogurt. See the twearking and armature belly dance.

This is a a good track with a cool summer beat. It allows the star to build new bridges to the future by recruiting new fans. He remains classy and a cool dude that defies time, rules and expectations.

Ragheb Alama - Ana Esmi Habibak / راغب علامة - أنا إسمي حبيبك


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