Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Diana Haddad Finds An Egyptian Lover in "Habibi Masry"

Divorced Diana Haddad has just found love in Egypt--at least her song says as much. Diana Haddad continues on her quest to do an Arabic song for each block...She did Iraqi well, and Moroccans well. She has always done well in Lebanese and her Gulf is perfected.

Now she moves with a song for Egypt, where she is flirting with her new guy who seems to be Mr. right. The song uses a dance beat template that we have memorized. The lyrics are cool, but not that cool. This is not a great song, but a decent song that will help Diana and make some folks in Egypt happy as this song counts few things we know are true about Egyptian dudes.

Ms. Haddad reminds one of the voices that works alone, she does her own songs, her own choices, and often times gets rewarded for it. She is a big draw for live concerts and she commends a great deal of respect from her fans and those who follow Arab pop.

اغنية ديانا حداد - حبيبى مصرى ــ نسخه اصليه ـــــ diana haddad habibi masry


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