Monday, September 22, 2014

The Electrifying Bosy In "Omar and Salwa" Movie And Shaabi Music (Video)

Egypt's alternative pop scene (Sha'abi) music is doing way better than the other pop music. Largely becaseu poor people hold less jobs or work harder and when they party they party harder. So every box office success in today's Egypt feels the urge to feature a song or two of that Sha'abi style.

Luckily, the diva of this genre is a lady with the name Bosy, she really has a sweet and a strong voice, it's just the lyrics she sings that may rub certain people the wrong way. also that men dancing offends some people in Egypt, not the dancing per se, but that these home boys are really shaking it. In a way in Egypt there are people who listen to this music ironically. For me, I may like the song but those around me may puke fun of me for it. Think about how some white folks feel about rap music in its early days.

This is a very local track...and the movie that will have this song is called "Omar and Salwa" romantic story in the slums of Egypt.

 اغنية محمود اية دة يا محمود / فيلم عمر وسلوي / فيلم عيد الاضحي  2014


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