Monday, September 22, 2014

Aljazeera 2 Movie Trailer Will Blow Your Mind Ahmed El Sakka vs. And Hind Sabri (Video)

Here's an Egyptian movie that will blow you away. We have yet to see the film, but the trailer is promising so much firepower and high-caliber acting from the talented Ahmed El sakka and the delightful and fiery Hind Sabri. For a sequel this might be even better than the original....the film picks up where the first one left off. Ahmed El Sakka now a free man returns to run his town once again, only to find it headed by Hind Sabri-his previous love flame.

The duo is a powerhouse in acting and in fan base. They get helped for a large supporting cast Khalid El sawy and Nidal El Shafie This is a serious movie with a serious budget and people writers who take their job seriously. And do not get me started on the action, Egyptian movies are light years ahead of where theuy used to be just ten years ago.

The guns, the mortar shells, explosions and all that stuff seems all too real. There is so much energy, rivalry, plot outfits and all a classic film has. Locations are just right and tells us what Egyptian cinema is capable of pulling if the money and the talents lined up. Epic is the one word that comes to mine 
تريلر فيلم الجزيرة 2 حصريا من موبينيل


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