Friday, September 26, 2014

Mohamed Ramadan Movies Are Garbage محمد رمضان

If you never went to school in your life, you will find Egyptian actor Mohamed Ramadan of interest. But the guy who can act and looks like a serious talent is putting it all to waste by starring in garbage films and do little good. His movies do either promote thuggish behavior, violence and taken the law into your own hands or they promote domestic violence and sexual harassment. Like his new movie is showing us....grab a girl and kiss her...a blonde girl does not need to be just do what you want.

Sounds like a classy dude to me...said no one ever Mohamed Ramadan you are an idiot, and I do not think you are cool, and I doubt those who call themselves your fans see you as a role model. Sadly, I thought you had it right, but now I can only say your movies are nothing but a disgrace.

Now he is singing too, not just acting, he is dancing and grinding with a bunch of people with low IQ all of them. The song is shi$....the auto tune and affects burry whatever terrible message the lyrics are promoting.
Did you see his sick dance moves? I am sure the people of Southern Egypt and its countryside whom he is lampooning here are not impressed by this stupidity.
اغنيه علشانك / من فيلم واحد صعيدى / محمد رمضان والعصابه وشاكوش


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