Monday, September 29, 2014

This @DianaHaddad Performance Is Beautiful ويلى لو يدرون - حفلة-ديانا حداد

Most artists sound good on records, not many of them sound as good in live performances. Diana Haddad has the better deal on both live and recorded songs, she sounds astonishing. They know she has done the time in the pop circles in close to twenty years she has done it all. Better yet she does songs in pretty much all Arabic dialects and impresses the natives of these dialects.

Now, not many times do we hear her do covers of Lebanese oldies, but when we do, it's worth the time. Take the video below when she did a cover of a Wadie El Safi classic. The song is about trying to be a love affair private from the family because they would not approve of it. The song has all that strong Lebanese flavors of Tarab and groove.

Early on her career, she has become known for this style and the fans loved her for it. Such songs are timeless, and I can say the same thing about Diana's voice. When she is working with the right songs and music, you are always drawn in.

Weily Law Yedroon-Diana Hadad ويلى لو يدرون - حفلة-ديانا حداد


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