Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Biggest Egyptian Music Producer Speaks

The name is Mohsen Gaber is that name and he has been producing music for the A list names in Egypt for more than forty years. In a recent interview on Jordan TV talked about his career and work with Arabic and Egyptian music. The son of Tanta sat down for a candid interview. He was able to be a business guy and investor, but he wanted to be a business man working on music. His company started in 1973 and now he has turned his company into a family business.

His first production was in his dorm room in the University of Cairo. He had a lot to say, but Mohsen seems to be a big fan of Tamer Hosny--he called him a real man. But he was not too happy with Angham, the Egyptian diva who according to him betrayed him and went with Rotana. Rotana and Alam Alphan was rivals. Mohsen Jaber owns Alame Alphan and thanks to him, most Egyptian entertainers make it through his label. Gaber does not mind going to court, in face he has sued those entertainers who break contracts with him.

I like this human interview where Mr. Gaber talked about his way to trick his dad--a religious guy to give him his blessing, by singing a conservative artists at first. He peruse a diverse approach, music for kids, for folksy types, classical types, romance, dance and etc. He was the little guy on the block who manged to start form nowhere and take on the established industry figures. He has eventually acquired fourteen production companies that owned some of the music legacy of music legends.

Mohsen also runs a number of TV networks, focused on music and  other linked interests. He talks about his collector approach for music. He buys archives of names, and tries to branch out and build the company around him. He makes a good point, music companies in Egypt are like a family business, when the lead person passes away, their work tanks. This is a clever approach to make sure these things last.

To get an idea about their catalog, visit their website 

برنامج حوار مع كبار - المنتج المصري محسن جابر


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