Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sh*t Happens! This is The Worst Arabic Pop Song Ever

Bring an Iraqi one hit wonder with a ditsy Egyptian slum pop diva and throw them together to sing a song that makes little sense and music that is an insult to anyone who has ever wrote a note. I may like Amina, but the one in this music video is not something I recognize nor tolerate. That Iraqi guy you see Mohammad Al Salem  cannot sing to save his life.

Let's not even talk about this strange, low IQ music video, it's like a loaded diaper. The outfits are so strange and since the song is about Egyptian babes, neither of the dancers seem to be from Egypt. It's an expensive insult to all things feminism. This is an Iraqi guy who wants an Egyptian lady-- not sure who wrote this song it's so strange and it really does not add up nor does it sync.

Who is the idiot who stand behind this song? This is a duet that appeals to no one, and feels like a terrible no good fusion of styles. Sadly, there has been some serious money spend to make this loaded diaper.

محمد السالم - امينة / مزة مصرية - Video Clip


  1. You're a little harsh and if you were a bit more open-minded you would notice that it's actually become a hit around the world.