Thursday, September 18, 2014

Nicole Saba Dresses Like a Hobo For New Song @NicoleSabaaa

For financial reasons, Nicole Saba--the former four cats does not do as much music as we have come to expect form her. Instead, she does roles in movies, TV dramas, shows and interviews. This way she collects a paycheck and no complications and no fifty other people making money off her talent. I do not blame her for this approach.

But now she is releasing a new single and a music video. It seems like a hit already from a lady who knows how to make them. the song has yet to be released, but the teaser is below. It sounds like a Lebanese style. This is a Rotana song and Nicole does not do any song, so let's wait and see how much sizzle this fall song will pack. Hady Shararah arranged the music. Mounir Bou Assaf wrote the lyrics.

نيكول سابا - ما بقي تدقلي | Nicole Saba - Ma Ba2a Tede2elli teaser


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