Thursday, September 25, 2014

This is Khaled Saleh's Last Picture Before He Passed Away #خالد_صالح

Family members of Khaled Saleh have just arrived to the city of Aswan to issue a death certificate from the Majdy Yacoub Heart Center in the city. The renowned heart surgeon was unable to cure Khaled Saleh's heart.

The talented actor passed away Thursday at dawn, and now the family is issuing all certificates for burial and what yet to come. They body will be transported to Cairo where the late actor will be laid to rest in the family's plot.

The above picture is his last known picture where he looks in good spirit surrounded by family members and loved one. Born in January 23, 1964. Below you will find his last message where he assures his fans that he is doing well.

خالد صالح يطمئن جمهوره برسالة صوتية



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