Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lebanses Airport Authority Detains Syrian Diva Assala @AssalaOfficial

According to one Lebanese reporter for Aljadeed network Ymna Fawaz reported that the Beirut International airport detained the Syrian diva and activists upon her return from a trip to Europe where she picked as an peace ambassador in Amsterdam. As of right now, this news has been confirmed by Annas' Assala's brother.

Airport security had Asalah listed on the Interpol list due to a claim made by the Syrian government where they accuse Asalah of "Collaborating with the enemy" Asalah does not have many friends right now not in Syria and not in Lebanon. But she was invited to take part of Star Academy.

According to Yuman, Asala was detained, questioned and when few people and prominent people called in, she was let go. The airport official confiscated her passport and set her free. Now, we know that Asala has half a dozen passports she is a citizen of Syria, Bahrain, Egypt, and the States.

Assala has been in the front line attacked Syria's president, and supporting the revolution and the regime change. Her political stands put her at odds with members of her own family.

Assala - Shakhsia Anida [Official Video] شخصية عنيده - أصاله


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