Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Sudden Death Of Celebrated Egyptian Actor Khaled Saleh

The most complicated actor, and most random guy who does so many different characters each time has passed away in an Aswan clinic in upper Egypt. The beloved actor who undergoing a complicated open heart surgery and he was reported in critical condition two days ago. Now he is gone, but his legacy and his movies will stay on this earth.

Khaled never feared doing an evil guy--he does a mean one. His last role will be seen the month of October with the release of Aljazzera 2. He was fifty years old. Prayer services will be held at the Amr Bin Al As Mosque in Cairo. The only reason the public became aware of Mr. Saleh's health woes was because his pal and fellow actor Khaled El Sawy told us on Facebook to pray for his friend. 24 hours later, Egyptian cinema misses one of its pillars.  

The late actor did have a lot of chest pain during the filming of his last TV role "Halwat Roo7" the show aired this past Ramadan. Right after it he had to undergo some treatment. Among his films are box office success "Tito", Hiya Fawda", "Harb Italia", "Malaky Iskandrya" and few other memorable films where he stole the show.

This was his second open heart surgery as he had one in 2004. May his soul finds peace, he was one of the actors that you looked forward to seeing them act. Unlike many of his peers in Egypt who play the same character over and over again....they behave not act. Khaled Saleh, did enjoy a good challenge and he has always done things differently.

The news lead to cancelation of the special screening for Aljazeera 2 out of respect for this tragic news. I do not know if his death will help the film, but I know it makes me want to see it even more.

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