Monday, September 15, 2014

The Good, Wholesome Muslim Music of Mr. Nice Guy @SamiYusuf

Sami Yusuf just released his fifth studio album in his career. This global hit-maker and Muslim rock star with an inspirational message is getting jazzed up about his latest. 13 full tracks the work of few years in recording and performing.

He is like a seasoned music curator who roams the world to bring the latest new trends, and sometimes he makes those trends. I love the tittle of the album, as Muslims search of the center they feel tired from the negative news of terror. Sami Yusuf answers the call with a good selection of songs that mixes social, religious and inspirational.

This is a good looking guy with a pure in heart. He is not a business, just a guy who enjoys good music with positive and hopeful notes. Though he did not ask for it, he has a cult following. Unlike many Muslim entertainers, Sami has kept the positive guy image. He cares with passion, but he never come across as a guy who wants to sell you something or a guy who wants to make a buck of you or your cause. I admire that about him.

Link via Amazon or iTunes
01 - Pearl
02 - Fire
03 - Go
04 - Khorasan
05 - Prism
06 - Cricle
07 - You
08 - The Centre
09 - Lament
10 - The Key
11 - Jaaneh Jaanaan
12 - Sari Gelin
13 - Khorasan (Arabic.Version)

More samples and tracks to enjoy here

Sami Yusuf - The Centre (Official Lyric Video)


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