Saturday, September 27, 2014

Talal Kontar Does Music Differently....See How in "Ken Ya Ma Ken"

Talal Kontar is not a disposal artist and he does not do disposal songs. Instead he does satire songs that he assembled from scratch. In Dubai he helps sell makeup brands, plans events and produces jingles for TV and radio ads. But at home in Beirut, he does something else....Talal writes and composes songs that express his Oriental background with a modern twist. Talal did study music in both Spain and Lebanon where he refined his craft.

Now he returns with one more odd yet likable track. It's all his music and lyrics. Talal has a really pleasant voice. He goes from an army general to an indie artist in a fraction of a second, he changes outfits and tell different stories about time and changes. A creative song this is, and the guy lampoons pretty much everything in Lebanon. I guess he is unhappy with businesses, fat cats, and privatization....people are broke and he is one of the,

Ken Ya Ma Ken

Written & Composed by Talal Kontar.
Arranged by Toni Abi Khalil.
Mastered by Ralph Sleiman.
Guitars by Juanjo.
Qanoun by Furat Qadouri.


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