Sunday, September 21, 2014

Bizarre!The King of Pop Amr Diab Sues One of His Fans

Strange times, first there was a Amr Diab album, and it was meant to release the second weak of September. Then the albums promotion and markting campigh released two or three songs form the album to get the buzz started. But all of sudden, the entire album leaked to the internet and Rotana--the producer has to rush copies into the market to beat the pirated copy.

Now we learn, thanks to these guys here the hit-maker is suing one of his fans for the alleged leaked copy. His attorney Hossam Lutfi filed an official complaint on the 18th of Sept in a local police station against "Islam Rizo" accusing him of copy rights infringement. The complains accuses Mr. Rizo of causing some serious monetary damage to the artist. The kicker Rizo is a big fan of

Why would a fan have access to an advanced copy of the album?  Amr Diab is a smart guy, sure he knows if oyu make it easy for people to steal or download your album for free, they would. No need to pick on some guy...go after the websites where your album is being shared....I name Arabseed, Arablionz, Egyfire, Mazoka2day, Filmey...etc.

Amr Diab - Hala Feb 2014 Full Concert (HD) عمرو دياب - حفل هلا فبراير ٢٠١٤


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