Monday, September 22, 2014

Here's The Happiest Fall Song By Jad Khalife " Jamalo"

I like happy songs that have a dance beat from a first-rate charm riddled honey voiced Jad Khalife. The song is cool because it talks about having a headache and taking a pill. Jad sounds a lot like someone we really loved and truly missed. He sounds like a younger version of Fadel Shaker....the sweet romantic manly dude...

The guy who your mother, your grandma and your own sister like him, something of a wholesome charm with an innocent  sex appeal. He sounds a good hit here and stuck to his guns. I am sure he is the place of envy for many of his peers in Lebanon.

Does that energy not get you? Does this song not make you want to dance? It makes eeverythingbetter really. His song travels well as it just glows and screams happy...get to the dance floor

جاد خليفة - جمالو jad khalife - jamalo 2014


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