Friday, September 26, 2014

@MohamadBash A Syrian Romantic amid A Sea Of Darkness

Syrian pop dream boat Mohamad Bash got his fans rallied up. His many young fans are electrified by his new single, the fans took the song and made it trend on the social media as a note of gratitude. Thought it it's a slow mellow romantic tune and a music video to break your heart.

Not my style at this point of my life, but a really good song for this era. He is a good guy, we need a pink rosy song at these dark hours. We need people who are able to love even those with a cheesy romance. We see so much sadness, and bloodshed in this world. As he is a Syrian and they can use a bit of mental break.

Lyrics by: Safwat Zenhom
Composed by: Ahmed Saleh
Music & Arranged by: Khaled Khaled
Recorded at: Iyad Rimawi Studio
Recording Engineer: Mohamad Taki
Mixed & Mastered by: Khaled Wazaefi
Music Video Directed by: Karim Kabbara

Mohamad Bash - Btehebeni - Music Video / محمد باش - بتحبني


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