Saturday, September 13, 2014

Download: Amr Diab #عمرو_دياب "#شفت_الأيام ‪#‎AmrDiab‬'s new 2014 Album ‪#‎Shoft_ElAyam‬ (Get Your Copy)

Amr Diab releases another album and the world is still a dangerous place. What's supposed to be the biggest name in Arabic pop, and perhaps the best selling among his peers, Amr Diab recorded and released a new album in 2014. The man has no rival and no match in Arabic pop, he is good for the music scene and he speaks little and comes with virtual no drama.

Amr Diab continues to churn hits, but that does not matter--no one buy music anymore, the public mood is not in a good place. Not sure where the money is, but that does not stop him and stop Rotana from making and signing deals. It's easy to dismiss his music as doing the same over and over again, which can be true. But what do you expect him to do? He has already done many great things with his life. He is a true hit-maker and has been on the number one spot for the past 30 years.

The album leaked a week before the official release date. So what does team Amr Diab do? They change he cover art and make it in color then they ask fans to buy the original copy. Amr Diab has maintained his good looks, and his body is in a good shape. His style has evolved a bit too. You still get your Spanish guitar that made his career. The king new album offers the same mix of Latin ,Chillout, House, techno and Egyptian drum. Keep on mind he is 53 and still beat any young talent out there.  

Check out the album here

01 - Shoft El Ayam
02 - Gamalo
03 - We Hatebtady El Hekayat
04 - Ana Mosh Anani
05 - We Neesh
06 - Mosh Gedid
07 - Saet El Forak
08 - Jana
09 - Kan Kol Haga
10 - Aiwa Etghaiart
11 - Aho Leli We Adda

Check out the album here

Amr Diab - Shoft El Ayam عمرو دياب - شُفت الأيام

Checkout the album here


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