Friday, September 19, 2014

Pop Star @SamoZaen Is Now The Official King of Fake Twitter Followers!


Thanks to a wonderful work by @MohamedOmar he was able to expose one of Egypt's biggest pop stars. Syrian Samo Zaen is a successful entertainer who makes good music, seems like a cool guy and gets a lot of wedding gigs.

through careful analysis here. IT seems that lots of people in Russia follow the artist--Russia is one of the big hubs for fake twitter followers. Those numbers gave Samo an advantage that toped Amr Diab (whom Samo claims to love) Plus Samo did not do anything that would explain this surge in followers. Within five months period, the number of followers on twitter for Samo has shot up 125 percent. Other sites used to confirm those numbers include and

Samo is hardly the first artist to be accused of such thing, but the data backs the report. Instead of threatening to sue the publication and the artist--on what ground? He should just ignore or stop talking.  I think this is a great job on behalf of FilFan team. Even though Samo got some Lebanese sites to attack the very successful entertainment site.


Samo, you will always be cool, you will always sell records, no need to lose another fight. I would stop whatever I am doing and not argue with the reporter who did his job very well. Just blame someone else for this problem, no need to try to win people over.  @MohamedOmar did his homework and @Filfan back him up 

. El Masal - El Aasal - Samo Zaen المثل - العسل - ساموزين


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