Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dominique Hourani Quietly Releases Her New 2014 Album @DominiqueHorani

Dominique Hourani is a famous lady withing Lebanon and outside...just is best known for pop songs that tend to be either cute or just your run of the mill. Now she got her new album out, but it seems it was buried in the pop mainstream media.

A hefty album with 18 tracks is almost a vanishing act, no one releases these many songs in one album. But Dominique Hourani does things her way, she has always seemed like someone who creates her own path. She is a friend to most pop stars, wealthy and she seems to lead a comfortable life. She also has a daughter. I guess some are singers, others are vocalists, but Dominique is more like a recording-artist than a vocalist.

Dominique Hourani does sing with few other Syrian singers namely Aly Al Deek who did at least two music videos for two duets with she appears in concerts with the popular folksy singer. The duo have an upcoming concert in Dubai. Right now she just finished filming another music video for the album and that took place in Egypt.

Hourani mostly finances her own music and production, in my mind, she has more than a voice....hers can be sweet and girlie....but she offers a persona and

01 - Aam Bzaelni Lello
02 - Mbareh
03 - Battal Fiyii
04 - El Selk Darebni
05 - Ahh Mennak
06 - Sabah El Kheir
07 - Ya Habibi Khalli Balak
08 - Hessak Einak
09 - Elwad Hedka
10 - Ahlan Bikom
11 - Talekni Wemchi
12 - Warrini Warri
13 - Zaalan Leih
14 - Eliilki
15 - Kotta
16 - Madiyyi Maadoum
17 - Khalelo
18 - Dilara

DominiqueH - Hissak Einak / دومينيك حوراني - حسك عينك


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