Monday, July 8, 2013

ENJOY: ميريام عطالله حاكيني Myriam Atallah Hakiny - من ألبوم حاكيني 2013 New Album

She is Syrian, she is blonde and she has a really sweet voice! Call her Myriam Attallah. She has that butterfly-like voice that's almost too sweet, but her sad songs are something of an outer body experience. I like her approach, do pop songs with a fast beat but leave your voice as if you were about to perform a classical song.

I like her dance songs, but her chick and flirtatious songs are a treat. She is very popular among her country music fans--she traveled the world to be with them. If any Lebanese pop lady does her songs, she would be on every billboard....but Syrian pop stars do not have much luck.

She transitions from Syrian to Lebanese to Egyptian with so much ease. I feel in the third track, I am listening to a Shakira song. This is a fun girly pop album that comes with some good songs for the summer. I do note, that the production is sub-par, while many of the songs are fun and reinvigorating, the sound quality and the music arrangement could have benefited form some extra work.

I think Myriam is a full-blown pop star, but in general things have been hard in the industry, there's no way a star like her should be left alone--she travels the world for concerts to be with her fans. She has a good career ahead of her and a a voice to envy, this album should be enjoyed, but one must remember, that's not everything she has--she can do better as she has shown in the past.

Her all-Syrian songs have soul, her Egyptian songs has sass and she has all the Lebanese swag. As for the Gulf, it's a tough market to crack, but she is way ahead of many in her rank.

01 - A7eb Tany
02 - Aman
03 - Baseta
04 - B3eed 3any
05 - 7akeny
06 - 5eda3
07 - Roo7y Tehwak
08 - 2alby Me7tar
09 - Ma Lam3

Myriam Atallah - Aman / ميريام عطا الله - أمان


  1. وااااااااااااااااو روووعة شكرا لكم